The Big Chill

Central Air is in!

Central Air Closet 1

CA 2

CA 3

CA 5

And a tiny piece of a closet survived!
CA 4


Lesson Of The Day - No Decision Is Ever Final Until It's Final

Cases in point:

#1: Sig Other and I spend hours and hours at the kitchen cabinet place and come up with a plan. Turns out the measurements are slightly off. Now, we have to rethink things a bit.

#2: LC and I go over where the vents should be for the air conditioning. I do my research and we come to a decision as to where to put them in the walls. The house thinks otherwise and the only choice is to put the vents in the floor.

#3: LC goes over where the high hats will be in the kitchen. The plumbing disagrees and the pipes block those places in the ceiling.

#4: For a short and glorious while we think we’re gonna get a second nice closet upstairs. But the air conditioning unit decides to hog all that space for itself.

#5: Excited about all the windows in the mudroom, we plan to put a specific large round table in there. Then we buy our washer and dryer which say, “no way” to sharing that much space.

#6. We decide the one thing we won’t do is put a window in a shower. We now have a window in our downstairs shower.

‘Nuff said.

A Closet Grows

It’s been a long and exhaustive search for closet space. We’ve fought some tough battles and lost practically all of them. But here’s a solution we think we’re going to be happy with.

One of the bedrooms upstairs had a small closet under the eaves, as you can see by the door on the wall in this pre-gut picture.
peter's room copy

Here’s a clearer shot of the space, post-gut.
peter's closet

And here it is now, framed for a pretty decent size closet that’ll have sliding doors and will be able to hold actual hangers. Score one for us in the Fight To Hang Our Clothes!
new closet peters room

Another Closet Down

Well, we’ve had another loss in the closet battle, which is threatening to kill our already challenged wardrobe. Turns out when you put in Central Air you need a space to store the unit. And where is that space going to be? Yup one of our closets under the eaves.

Goodbye, potential closet. Hello, cool summers. May you be worth the sacrifice and may MVP Mom rent out some closet space.

IMG_0805 vals closet

Who Needs Closets? I Do!

It hit me today: The house Sig other and I bought has LESS closet space than my 1 bedroom apartment which has NO closet space.

And since the cedar closet in the basement idea I had got squashed by my bro who knows this kinda stuff (the basement being too musty and not dry enough), today I was fixated on closets. Or rather, closets under the eaves which really aren’t much of a closet, if at all. But my research has shown they do have some possibilities:

  • Drawers

  • Bookshelves

  • Shoe holders

  • Mini-closets for hanging shirts or folded pants

  • Cabinets

LC says once the house has been gutted we’ll be able to see the layout better and only then can we make decisions about the walls, etc. I do hope I see some real closets when that happens. In the meantime, here are some eaves storage pics I found for inspiration...

Pasted Graphic 4