Where We're At...

The house is coming along nicely. We’re being told next week the sheetrock is going up. Can’t wait to see walls again!!!!

In the meantime, here’s a visual update of our progress.

Dining room window is in. And it’s the right size!
Colorized.dining room window in and trimmed 2

Kitchen window is in - the only window smaller than the original since it’s going over the sink. window in and trimmed

Almost all windows are in and trimmed. (basement and downstairs bathroom still to be done)
colorized.Window Trimcolorized.mudroom trimmed windowscolorized 2.main bedroom window trim 2

Insulation has started. In fact, they’re farther along than expected.

closet and bathroom insulation

living room:
colorized.livng room insulated

dining room:
colorized.dining room insulation

kitchen: insulation

Main bedroom:
our bedroom.insulation

Electric is done. And all high hats are in.
main bedroom high hats

colorized.dining room ceiling high hats

There’s a sub-panel on the second floor that sits behind the door in the teensy tiny room:
colorized subpanel.upstairs electric panel


Plumbing is done. And washer hook-up is in.
laundry on off switches

Central Air is in place and the low-hanging duct has been framed.
Val's room-utility closet and wall for duct

Pasted Graphic
It’s time to choose tiles and lock in our decision on the wood flooring. Yikes!

Lesson Of The Day - No Decision Is Ever Final Until It's Final

Cases in point:

#1: Sig Other and I spend hours and hours at the kitchen cabinet place and come up with a plan. Turns out the measurements are slightly off. Now, we have to rethink things a bit.

#2: LC and I go over where the vents should be for the air conditioning. I do my research and we come to a decision as to where to put them in the walls. The house thinks otherwise and the only choice is to put the vents in the floor.

#3: LC goes over where the high hats will be in the kitchen. The plumbing disagrees and the pipes block those places in the ceiling.

#4: For a short and glorious while we think we’re gonna get a second nice closet upstairs. But the air conditioning unit decides to hog all that space for itself.

#5: Excited about all the windows in the mudroom, we plan to put a specific large round table in there. Then we buy our washer and dryer which say, “no way” to sharing that much space.

#6. We decide the one thing we won’t do is put a window in a shower. We now have a window in our downstairs shower.

‘Nuff said.

Hold The Phone! There's So Much To Decide!

Questions from the electrician:

You want a hardwired phone? Where do you want it downstairs? You want one upstairs, too and if so, which room?

Where will the dining room table be? Centered between the windows? Or pushed back a bit so you’ll have more walking space?

Where do you want the tv? Which cable company are you going to use?

Exactly where do you want the light in the upstairs hall? Are we going with sconces or a ceiling light? Where do you want the switches?

How big is the chandelier in the dining room going to be? How many high hats do you want around it?

Question from me:

Can we get back to you over the weekend on these?

Answer from the electrician:

Sure. I’ve got lots to do to keep me busy till then.


Down To The Wires

Our electricity from the early 1900’s isn’t quite up to today’s standards. It kept the house going for over a hundred years, but alas, we won’t know if it could have gone a hundred years more. A complete rewiring is in the plan.
photoelectric 2Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 4.24.11 PM