Lesson Of The Day: Insurance Inspector Jobs Aren't "Real Jobs"

The past two weeks I’ve dealt with two different Insurance Inspectors from our new insurance company.

Inspector One: I can only do the inspection one day this week because this isn’t my real job.

Me: But that day doesn’t work for our contractor.

Inspector One: Well, I’m not coming any other day because I have a real job and I can’t leave my real job to do this. That’s the only day I can do it.

Inspector One drops out of the picture due to a family emergency and Inspector Two calls to schedule.

Inspector Two: I live nearby so I can come over any time.

I give him a day and a time.

Inspector Two: I can’t come over at that time because this is a side job for me. I have a real job. This is just a way for me to make extra money during the holidays.

Me: That’s nice.

Inspector Two: No it’s not. It’s not worth it, believe me.

I tell him the contractor says any day after Tuesday will work for him.

Inspector Two: That doesn’t work for me because I have a lot of holiday parties coming up and I can’t spread myself thin.

I could have pointed out it’s probably not wise to take a job to make extra money during the holidays if you can’t work because it’s the holidays. But instead, I gave him LC’s number and let them work out a time.

Insurance Insanity

Our House Insurance Agent told us our renter’s insurance should cover our liability on the house thru the gutting, but to double check with that agent.

I call Renter’s Insurance Agent (RIA) and conversation goes like this:

RIA: “You need to have established residency. Did you live in the house before the gutting?”

Me: “No, we just bought it.”

RIA: “When are you gutting it?”

Me: “In a few days.”

RIA: “Get some sleeping bags and go live in the house between now and then.”

Me: “Seriously?”

RIA: “And make sure your neighbors see you coming and going from the house so if anything were to happen and they were ever deposed they will say you lived there.”

Email sent to Home Insurance Agent :

‘I’d like to pay extra to get the liability insurance through you.’


We Failed

So that really nice insurance inspector who ‘loved’ the house we bought and went on about how great it was that we’re going to bring it back to life? Well, he gave us a big FAIL based on us not moving into the house within the next two months. Apparently it’s ok for them to insure a house pre-gutting and post-gutting. But during a gutting? No way. Which means they are canceling the insurance which I paid a year in advance.

A confession: I already knew that insurance company was risky when we went with them. I just had to go online and research what other people went thru to know they were apt to cancel insurance on a whim and we gave them a better reason than most. But our Agent is on the case and says he already has some other options.

I will remember these lessons as I move forward with all things house related:

  • Cheaper is not better

  • The nicest people aren’t always so nice in the end

  • When someone says “there shouldn’t be any problem” (which is what the insurance agent said about the inspection) DON’T take their word for it

  • Our new house is wonderful, even if other people can’t see it