New Homeownership

Tax Annoyance and My First Purchase!

Today’s mission - Signing up for Basic Star to get a small break on taxes

Obstacles in the way of accomplishing this mission:

  • NY State Website that says it’s best to sign up online instead of calling and then after two steps of the online process, says you have to call.

  • NY State Employee who sticks to her script no matter what you say, for example, you say: “I’m calling because I don’t have a code.” And she says “Thank you for calling, may I have your code?”

  • NY State Employee then directs you back online to the wrong site for the wrong form from the wrong town and then hangs up.

A Leap Over the Obstacles - A call to the local town hall. The employee there couldn’t have been nicer.

Mission Accomplished. Or at least form filled out and waiting for Sig Other’s signature.

Also Accomplished today - Brought folding chair over to the house so there’s something for MVP Mom to sit on. My first purchase for the house - and it reclines!


So Much to Do...

Today’s To-Do List:

  • 10:00 AM. Be at the house for Insurance inspector who will arrive a half hour late and say the appointment was for 10:30 and he’s actually right on time. Thank Mom for spending the half hour wait with you in an empty house with no seats. She has already earned MVP status for this renovation journey.

  • Noon. Give first tour of the house to a family member who will quietly say “You have your work cut out for you.” Understand that this is an understatement.

  • Afternoon. Move Power, Gas and Water into your and Sig Other’s names.

  • Late Afternoon. Meet with LC who you chose to use as your contractor because he agreed it was important to keep the charming stained wood trimmings throughout the historic house and then listen to him explain why you can’t keep the charming stained wood trimmings anywhere in the house because it would take too much time and effort to save them during a demo.

  • Early Evening. Decide come hell or high water you will be keeping the charming stained wood trimmings.

  • Evening. Speak to Sig Other about the wood trimmings issue of the day and get 100% support. Then wonder if you had said the exact opposite would Sig Other also have offered 100% support? And then realize Sig Other will probably be hiding in the city apartment throughout this entire renovation process being 100% supportive about everything.